by Mime Game

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released November 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Mime Game Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Lonely
while i am waiting, the bar
feels so far away
from what i love
where my heart once was
and where i'm supposed to be
no simpler kind of days
came to replace me anymore
and i always woke sore
and lonely hearted
to the world
i'd sing

so lonely
so lonely
so alone
you won't ever know me at all
not at all
i won't go blow these brains against no motherfucking wall
but you won't ever know me at all
not at all

i am so alone.
Track Name: Mountain
you were gold, i was a diamond
you were soft, i was hard as hell
and i will meet you there
in the ring you wear so well
i was forged under a mountain
you were formed in philosopher's mind
and we will stand the test
oh, and the wear of time

you're a car, i am a freight train
you were sitting there in my path
and there's no going back
you're already on my tracks
yeah, i will watch your end
from the front of this engine

i dont wanna wait
i don't wanna wait here for forever
dreaming about her face
i can't take the days
i'm struggling at this train station waiting
wondering what will be
while you're dead on the tracks
and i know in my heart of hearts
you're not coming back
and thats ok.

you were taking me the long way
and i was breathing just to hear you breathe
yeah, i am lost without
a love i havent felt
now its tired and bleed
a little blood on the tracks once more
yeah, history's no fun.
it waits for no one.

two more, i've taken
steps on the edges
poised on the mountain
waiting to watch you fall.
Track Name: Young Husbands
drifting through the leaves
falling through the snow
our hearts, how they leave
with a loss of self-control
now, i see the waves
coming through the morn'
how a subtle burst
it gives us to the world

oh love
a diamond seems enough
to tell you how much
our love is all we've got

now, i think the way
we lost "forevermore"
was written in the stone
in all the pathways that lead us home
we'll never know, but
i think it's done
and better for us both
we were tearing us apart
in all of our love
we were losing hope

& it's not home.

it's like a song in the background
you'll never know.
it just keeps pushing me closer
right back to you.

you'll never know
how it's all we've got.